Ryan Polich
Ryan Polich — Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Printer

Kate Ireland
Kate Ireland — Graphic Designer, Landscape Designer, Photographer

Ryan has been working in the design and print industry for several years, and is infatuated with everything about typography, design, and print media. Kate has spent several years designing, both on paper and with plants, and can bring together clean modernism with organic material like nobody's business.

After growing up in Colorado, they both got a taste of the West Coast at one point in their lives and were promptly hooked. In 2007, they rented a very small truck and struck out for Seattle, with no jobs and a lot of optimism. Four years later, they're designing, printing, and creating like crazy, usually on several gallons of coffee a day.

They currently live happily in Seattle with their cat, Moto.



Moto — Cat